Charlotte Takes E-Scooter Data for a Test Ride is a short article describing Charlotte, North Carolina’s e-scooter pilot program and how data is used to make decisions on how to move forward.

Micromobility Data Policies: A Survey of City Needs is a 10-page survey of the micromobility data sharing policies from over a dozen cities.

Prioritizing Privacy When Using Location in Apps is a short article that discusses five specific recommendations for preserving privacy when dealing with location data in general. The recommendations are applicable to shared mobility trip data.

Protecting Rider Privacy in Micromobility Data is a brief article describing privacy concerns with detailed trip level data and examples of how aggregated trip data that protects data can be used for operations, planning and analysis, and enforcement.

On May 14, 2020, the Utah DOT hosted a webinar on the new V2X project with Panasonic to bring awareness to UDOT’s efforts to further expand V2X technology, create a scalable solution to capture and analyze V2X data, and launch a cloud-based V2X Data Ecosystem (VDE) to enable data sharing, analytics, and innovation.