Business Regulations: Transportation Network Companies: Data Reporting by the City of Seattle regulations specifying the data collection, maintenance, and reporting requirements for taxicab associations, for-hire vehicle companies and transportation network companies (TNCs).

Civic Analytics Network Dockless Mobility Open Letter is a short letter authored by chief data officers from 13 urban municipalities laying out recommendations both on dockless mobility policies in general and data policies in particular. The guidance is specific but not comprehensive.

This document lays out the data reporting requirements that must be followed by shared micromobility operators in Minneapolis’ 2021 pilot program. It lays out the requirements for operators to provide APIs for MDS and GBFS data feeds and for the operator to conduct two customer surveys using questions provided by the city.

LADOT Data Protection Principles by the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) policies for protecting data collected from dockless mobility service providers.

Mobility Data Methodology and Analysis is a short but detailed description of the methodology followed by Minnesota to manage and analyze data collected as part of a motorized scooter pilot program. The focus is on how they protected privacy and minimized any potential use or release of sensitive information through anonymization and aggregation.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations specifying the data collection, maintenance, and reporting requirements for transportation network companies (TNCs).

These documents include the permit application for the city of Portland, Oregon, and its administrative rules for shared electric scooters, which establishes the policies, regulations, and permit requirements.

Two letters from the Center for Democracy and Technology, one to the Washington DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the other to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, raising privacy issues and concerns with data provided using the Mobility Data Specification (MDS).