This report provides a review of several implementations of ICM and documents lessons learned and best practices.

CDS-M Use Case: From Policy Needs to Use Cases is a 15-page paper that begins to describe the application data needs for the City Data Specification for Mobility (CDS-M), which is under development in the Netherlands.

This paper presents challenges faced by the transit industry in adopting new technologies and the use of associated data.

This resource represents a data management plan that delineates all of the data types and data treatment throughout the New York City Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment (NYC CVPD). This plan includes an identification of the New York City connected vehicle pilot privacy-related data, its security treatment and the necessary filtering, anonymization and obfuscation requirements needed for distributing the data for Independent Evaluator (IE), USDOT and researcher use.

This resource presents the Data Management Plan (DMP), which describes the data that will be collected and how the data will be managed throughout the Wyoming CV Pilot. The DMP will also define a framework for sharing the data with USDOT, the Research Data Exchange and the Independent Evaluator.

This report represents the Data Management Plan for Phase 3 of THEA’s CV pilot deployment project.

This program describes the sensitivities with the types and amount of data that need to be collected. Additionally discusses the need for a data governance framework that provides a metadata standard and outlines how data will be collected, managed, and archived.

Provides a survey of ITS data fusion applications, including ramp metering, pedestrian crossing, automatic incident detection, travel time prediction, adaptive signal control, and crash analysis and prevention, and indicates directions for future research.

The Nevada Department of Transportation sponsored a project to benchmark its TIM data practices against the practices of other leading states and against the NCHRP Project 07-20 guidance.

Effectively Managing Connected Mobility Marketplaces is a 23-page white paper recommending the implementation of data-driven investment and data-driven regulatory policies for mobility. Written by two authors at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.