The objective of the ongoing TCRP G-18 Improving Access and Management of Transit ITS Data project is to develop a common, practical approach to storing, accessing, and managing fixed-route transit ITS data (i.e., AVL, APC, AFC) by further developing the TIDES vision. TCRP G-18 will produce documentation of the data structure and detailed functional requirements for two sets of tools (an integration tool and a quality/performance tool) along with guidance on use, application, and maintenance. The detailed functional requirements will be designed for use by individual transit agencies to build analytical tools applicable to specific and unique requirements of that agency (the actual tools will not be developed as part of this study). The goal is to create a common approach to accessing and managing transit ITS data to facilitate the development and exchange of data management practices, advanced reports and tools, and new analytical techniques among transit agencies. 1 The project will end in spring 2022, with final products following sometime later in the year.

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