SIRI is an extensible and modular standard allowing for C2C communications, agency-to-public communications, and agency-to-infrastructure communications. SIRI allows for the structured exchange of real-time information about schedules, vehicles, and connections with general informational messages related to the operation of the services. SIRI defines functional services including:

  • Provides real time-departure from stop information for display on stops, Internet, and mobile delivery systems
  • Provides real-time progress information about individual vehicles
  • Manages the movement of buses roaming between areas covered by different servers
  • Manages the synchronization of guaranteed connections between fetcher and feeder services
  • Exchanges planned and real-time timetable updates
  • Distributes status messages about the operation of the services
  • Provides performance information to operational history and other management systems

The benefits cover real-time vehicle movements and connections, operations status messages, passenger information displays, timetable updates, and performance information. 1

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