This NCHRP report identified over 70 CAV projects across the Untied States. In a survey of a subset of these projects, responses were rather incomplete on topics including data management, data openness, data sensitivity, and data retention. Interviews were conducted with 11 state and local transportation agencies and a stakeholder workshop was conducted with 15 state and local agencies. While some transportation agency employees are working to prepare for the integration of emerging technology data into their agency processes, most have not yet recognized the need. Typically, organizations deploying emerging technologies have started to think about open data policies, privacy protection, and data collection but have not yet finalized procedures or documentation. Few have developed to the point that they have metadata catalogs, database diagrams, or comprehensive data quality monitoring in place. In addition, many agencies lack the technical, culture, policy, and legal experience needed to deal with such data and are currently relying on their contractors for data management. This research identified 45 challenges across 10 categories and 50 needs across 11 categories. 

NCHRP Research Report 952 Guidebook for Managing Data from Emerging Technologies for Transportation, the resulting guidebook, contains over 100 recommendations for managing data from emerging technologies in a modern way. It also contains a roadmap for implementing the guidance, as well as several tools including a modern data management capability maturity self-assessment. This guidebook is a good resource for agencies grappling with how to manage new, large datasets. The guidebook can assist agencies in understanding the differences between their traditional (and inflexible) data management systems. Additionally, it explains why a shift to a more modern approach is necessary to take full advantage of data from emerging technologies, as well as communicating these differences to leadership. Implementation of the guidebook can also help agencies demonstrate use case by use case the value of a more modern approach to data management and use. 1

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