Shared Mobility Data Sharing Specifications Policy is a document 1 that presents the data sharing policies and requirements that must be followed by shared mobility operators in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. It lays out the requirements for real-time and quarterly reporting to support “compliance, long range planning, and real-time device availability.”

The real-time reporting must use an API, and the MDS standards are used as the format for the data. There is also a requirement to make GBFS feeds publicly available.

Quarterly reporting uses a mix of pdf, csv, and/or Excel file formats, with the detailed reporting format specified in the policy document.  

For real-time reporting, anonymized trip level data must be provided in the format specified in MDS. Real-time GBFS feeds must be provided to the public, and the policy document lays out 12 specific GBFS files that must be included.

Quarterly reports are used to support planning, compliance, and other reporting. Four reports are required:

  • A summary of device ridership (Summary Report of Data)
  • Anonymized details for individual trips (Trip Report)
  • A list of customer-reported issues (Customer Complaint and Violation Report)
  • Details on device maintenance (Maintenance Report)

The specific fields for each report, along with the data type and a description of each field is included in the policy document.