Protecting Rider Privacy in Micromobility Data is a brief article describing privacy concerns with detailed trip level data and examples of how aggregated trip data that protects data can be used for operations, planning and analysis, and enforcement.

After a brief description of the privacy concerns raised by location-specific trip data, the article 1 talks about how aggregated data can be used to demonstrate the usage and value of bike lanes, identify popular areas for trip origins and destinations to plan micromobility parking and mobility hubs, and to monitor compliance.

The compliance discussion is further broken out to discuss monitoring out of service vehicles and inspection data, track fleet size, identify vehicles in prohibited areas in real-time, and ensure equitable distribution across their jurisdiction.

An additional resource, “Data and security: they’re just scooters…why does it matter?” is a very good introductory webinar 2 to the value of data sharing between providers and public agencies as well as the need for security. It consists of approximately 30 minutes of presentation, including 7 best practices, and 30 minutes of questions and answers.