Mobility Metrics is an open-source software package for ingesting Mobility Data Specification (MDS) data feeds and aggregating the data in such a way that it is useful for analysis while protecting privacy.

The software 1 runs on either OSX or Linux (Windows users can either use a Docker image or Windows Subsystem for Linux). It is open-source software licensed under the MIT License.

Raw data, which, per MDS, may include detailed individual trip-level data, raising privacy concerns are aggregated and analyzed to produce multiple metrics. These include summary metrics, fleet level snapshot metrics, as well as geographic and time filtered data. Summary metrics include the total number of vehicles on the street for a given day, the number of active vehicles for the day, average trips per vehicle, and average trip distance.

It produces three fleet level snapshot metrics: the number of vehicles deployed and available for use, the number of vehicles deployed but unavailable (e.g., due to a dead battery or awaiting maintenance), and the number of vehicles actively engaged in a trip.

Filtered data can be produced using a variety of different geographic and time filters, and includes metrics such as trip volume, number of vehicles available, and the number of pickups within the specified area and time frame. 

SharedStreets' Trusted Data Exchange 2 , an additional resource, is an online article for exchanging data between mobility operators and public agencies and conducting analyses on this data.