Director Rules for Deployment and Operation of Shared Small Vehicle Mobility Systems is a document 1 that presents a set of rules for dockless shared mobility service providers by the city of Austin, Texas. Section 7 covers the rules for “Privacy, Data Reporting, and Sharing.”

These rules include provisions for limiting the data that service providers can collect from users, which is a subject not addressed in many other communities’ requirements.

  • All operators must implement and submit a privacy policy that safeguards users’ information. It also limits the types of data that licenses can require customers to provide. 
  • Monthly complaints and crash history reports are required. The formats are not specified but may be set by the city. 
  • Other real-time and historic information must be provided through an API to either the city or a city-specified third party. The format is not specified in the rules but will be specified by the city. 
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in license revocation.