Civic Analytics Network Dockless Mobility Open Letter is a short letter authored by chief data officers from 13 urban municipalities laying out recommendations both on dockless mobility policies in general and data policies in particular. The guidance is specific but not comprehensive.

Interestingly, this letter 1 recommends against the use of third parties for data management, listing a variety of reasons for this recommendation. This recommendation runs counter to all other guides included in this resource guide that address the topic. All other references recommend that this option be at least be given consideration, depending upon the circumstances of the locality.

The letter includes a link to a public spreadsheet showing the various fees that cities charge dockless mobility service providers, including per vehicle fees, annual fees, application fees, and bonding requirements. As of February 2021, 20 communities were listed. It is not clear how up to date the spreadsheet is, but many of the rows include online links to the original sources.

The letter also recommends considering that service providers be required to distribute a city-designed survey to their users to provide insight into behavior patterns, preferences, and customer satisfaction. The survey used by Portland, Oregon is linked to and recommended as a good model.

Additional references to this letter are:

  • A spreadsheet 2 of dockless vehicle fees levied by local governments, assembled by the Civic Analytics Network.
  • A report 3 on the results from a survey of e-scooter users, conducted in 2018.