The FHWA Every Day Counts Round 4 (EDC-4) Using Data to Improve TIM innovation continued the TIM data efforts with the objectives of increasing the quantity, quality, and use of data for TIM performance measurement and analysis. 1 Through national webinars, regional workshops, peer exchanges, and technical assistance, 35 states worked to improve their collection and use of TIM data. However, states continue to find challenges in data sharing (e.g., some states cannot access public safety crash data), data integration (most rely on a single source of TIM data such as data from traffic management centers), and data management (often contractors control the data and provide simple snapshots via dashboards as opposed to raw data), which limits use of the data. The work also included the development of a prototype national database and dashboards, which integrates 11 disparate data sources from 9 states and provides a standardized look at TIM performance across the states. 2

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