CDS-M Use Case: From Policy Needs to Use Cases is a 15-page paper that begins to describe the application data needs for the City Data Specification for Mobility (CDS-M), which is under development in the Netherlands.

CDS-M is a proposed alternative or modification to MDS that is under development in the Netherlands. It is intended to address specific European needs, including use of standardized European vehicle classification systems and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This document 1 describes needs for quantitative data from each of the five Dutch cities, so that these can be turned into requirements that the CDS-M standard must address. The use cases are divided into policy, planning, and enforcement use cases. 

For each sufficiently defined policy question, the document then provides the purpose of the need, the type of analysis (at an extremely high level), and the specific data that would be required to be provided via the standard.

The needs are formatted in the form of “policy questions.” Example of the included use cases include: 

  • How are the existing parking areas being used and which parking areas need to be enlarged/reduced/removed or made more visible?
  • At what places is shared mobility creating nuisance/unsafe situations in the public space? 
  • Do the vehicles have the correct speed limits built in?

The report dives deeper into a specific use case in Utrecht. Utrecht is interested in the extent to which shared electric carrier bikes will save on short car trips. The relevant need definitions are mapped to this use case.

An additional resource to readers, Dutch Cities Develop New Mobility Data Standards 2 is a short news article with information and links regarding development of the Dutch City Data Specification for Mobility (CDS-M) for exchanging data between mobility operators and cities.