This report provides agencies responsible for Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) with an introduction to successful Big Data tools and technologies that can be used to aggregate, store, and analyze new forms of traveler-related data that may be useful for operations. While traditional sources of transportation data for TSM&O will remain, emerging data sources, largely those from Connected Travelers, Connected Vehicles, and Connected Infrastructure, will represent a significant opportunity for Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and localities to improve TSM&O practices. In addition, this report will identify ways these collection, storage, and analytics practices can be integrated into the next generation of transportation management systems. Big data techniques outside of the transportation field were considered, to identify practices that may be useful within the transportation field. 1


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    Gettman, D., Hales, K., Voss, A., Toppen, A., and Tumati, B. (2016). Integrating Emerging Data Sources into Operational Practice: State of the Practice Review. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Transportation, ITS Joint Program Office.