The KM4City project released another addition to its ecosystem called SNAP4City. SNAP4City, which stands for “scalable Smart aNalytic APplication builder for sentient Cities and IOT,” is built on top of KM4City and provides a flexible method and solution to quickly create a large range of smart city applications. It exploits heterogeneous data and enables services for stakeholders by IoT/IoE (Internet of Everything), data analytics, and big data technologies. SNAP4City is built with the principles of modern data system architecture, including big data and streaming analysis, microservices, directed acyclic graph (DAG) data workflows, and visual flow-based programming. Within the SNAP4City visual application development environment, users can select data sources (IoT, database, social media, etc.) and sinks (dashboards, database, mobile applications, APIs, etc.). They are also able to create custom data processing workflows by dragging, dropping, and combining built-in or custom data processing components, testing them, and deploying them into production. The DISIT Lab has made the entire SNAP4City platform available in an infrastructure as code format so that cities can deploy it, test it, and use it either on-premise or in the cloud rapidly at a minimal cost while reducing risks.  1 2

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