Mobility Data State of Practice is a set of links, maintained by the Open Mobility Foundation, to a diverse set of policy and technical resources related to handling and protection of shared mobility data. These include samples of data licensing and policy documents from various localities, guidance and methodology guides, open source software, risk assessment documents, open mobility data sets, guides for publishing mobility data, and data visualizations.

The document 1 provides a wide-ranging categorized list of resources, some of which are included in this Resource Guide, but many of which are not. The content ranges from sample policies, e.g., the LADOT Data Protection Principles), to sample permit requirements (e.g., Louisville, Kentucky’s Dockless Vehicle Policy) to data protection methodologies (ranging from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s mobility-specific Mobility Data Methodology and Analysis to NIST’s general De-Identification of Personal Data), to open source software (e.g., the MDS Provider Toolkit), and more, including a half dozen open mobility data sets, guides for publishing mobility data, and examples of data visualizations. Unlike this guide, the list only identifies the source and title, without any descriptions. The categories of resources are:

  • Privacy Principles, Policies, and Guidelines
  • Permit & Licensing Requirements
  • Data Sharing
  • Data Processing, Aggregation, and Anonymization
  • Risk Assessment
  • Open Data
  • Data Visualization
  • Outreach and Education