Guidelines for Mobility Data Sharing Governance and Contracting is a short set of recommended guidelines for data sharing that consider the goals of both public agencies and mobility service providers, as well as the need to protect consumer privacy.

This resource 1 is a short (10 page) document intended to be used as discussion input when formulating specific agency policies and agreements, and to be used across disciplines (e.g., planning, legal, policy, data, and information system professionals). 

The document lays out 10 guidelines, defines each guideline’s objective, and provides actionable recommendations to which all parties should commit. The discussion, however, is at a rather high level as opposed to including specifics. The guidelines are: 

  1. Address benefits and challenges associated with mobility data sharing
  2. Evaluate consumer-facing risks through standard impact assessments
  3. Consider anonymization and de-identification techniques for mobility data sharing
  4. Engage consumer groups in conversations around privacy and mobility data
  5. Establish data governance frameworks to support mobility data sharing
  6. Determine and incorporate appropriate role of third parties around management and analysis of mobility data
  7. Develop a consistent approach to open records requests
  8. Develop policies for compliance with law enforcement requests
  9. Allocate resources for training on applicable laws and best practices for safeguarding data
  10. Develop workable liability frameworks to mitigate risks