As part of NCHRP 08-119, the team will develop a pilot to demonstrate how to improve the collection and integration of transit ITS data into an ICM system to better inform traveler modal decisions. Data from transit systems, such as passenger counts and occupancy (automated passenger counting (APC) systems), can supplement automatic vehicle location (AVL) and schedule adherence data. This will better inform and potentially influence modal shift from personal vehicle use. Products resulting from this effort will include the following: 

  • An integrated dataset(s) containing relevant data such as highway and arterial volumes and occupancies. Datasets(s) will be supplemented with GTFS data and transit ITS data such as AVL, APC, and AFC. 
  • An accompanying data catalog describing what features exist in each dataset(s), what relationships exist between features, and what processing steps (if any) were performed for that feature. 
  • A short guidance document describing the steps taken, challenges faced, and lessons learned during the data gathering and integration process. This information will be concisely presented yet will contain enough detail to enable an agency to reproduce each step in the integration process using modern data management techniques.
  • An executive summary to be used as an outreach document promoting the outputs of the research.

Look for these products on this website in 2022.

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