As part of NCHRP 08-119, the team will develop a series of short documents detailing the outputs and lessons learned from developing TIM big data use cases and associated data pipelines. This product will consist of the following stand-alone documents:

  • “TIM Data Sharing Guide” – will present common barriers, misconceptions, lessons learned, recommendations, and benefits associated with sharing and integrating data across internal DOT groups, external TIM partner agencies, and private data providers in support of TIM analysis and performance management. 
  • “TIM Data Quality and Use Guide” – will present TIM data quality assessments, identify issues, and limitations with certain datasets; recommendations for improving TIM data quality for increased usability; and how various data sources can support a range of TIM use cases. 
  • Outreach document that transportation agencies can share with their TIM partners/coalitions regarding the uses and benefits of sharing data across agencies (e.g., partner agencies, private towing companies). Having access to these data can greatly increase transportation agencies’ and TIM coalitions’ understanding of when and how responders arrive on/depart from incident scenes, roadway and incident clearance times, incident type and details, which can lead to improved processes.
  • Document matching TIM use cases of interest to transportation agencies, as well as TIM needs, with appropriate datasets. This will draw together use cases or “wish list” items identified by transportation agencies with the available and appropriate data (per data quality assessment results) needed to develop the use cases/address the “wish list.”
  • Detailed case studies documenting the development of a data pipeline and associated data product (e.g., charts/graphs, report, dashboard) to support some aspect of TIM (e.g., support efficient and effective operational/tactical decision-making, inform TIM planning, make the business case for increased funding).

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