For NCHRP 08-119, the team is developing a series of four guidance documents that will compile and present the challenges, lessons learned, steps taken, and recommended actions when integrating and using crowdsourced data. Each of these four documents, developed sequentially, will focus on a different type of crowdsourced data. It will also center on many real-time and archived uses of that data, either independently or through integration with other data. The documents will concisely present key information in a format that contains more depth than a fact sheet while remaining brief enough to be consumed by interested practitioners within 30-60 minutes. The topics of these four documents are as follows:

  • Free Navigation App Data Integration and Use. This product will mainly focus on the Waze for Cities partnership event and travel time data. This product also mentions vendors that offer “black box” services connected with the Waze platform.
  • Vehicle Probe Data Integration and Use. This product will focus on themes common across vendors such as INRIX, HERE, or TomTom, and their real-time speed and travel time data feed. Some agencies have developed existing services by these vendors through in house tools (e.g., back of queue detection), which is also discussed more abstractly.
  • Social Media Data Integration and Use. This will focus on the use of Twitter feeds for real-time operations in the context of incident detection, event management, and to some extent, virtual public involvement for transportation planning.
  • Origin-Destination Data Integration and Use. This will focus on the individual vehicle or person-level data from vendors such as StreetLight, INRIX Trips, and other sources, mainly for transportation planning applications.

Look for these documents on this website starting fall 2021.

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